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We believe that……
…the old paradigms of western aid dependency and business interest narrowly defined in terms of shareholder represents a outdated view
…that no longer fits with a fast evolving and increasingly interdependent and complex international environment.
… a transformation has started in the way international business views and interacts with local communities in the developing world
…a transformation that could see business becoming a leader in driving truly equitable, sustainable development and peacebuilding
… and in doing so finding new sources of value to both themselves and the communities in which they operate
We also believe that…….
…truly sustainable solutions can only be achieved by empowering local communities, ensuring their full inclusion in, and commitment to, ongoing development
…the keys to sparking this transformation are through
•  aligning personal and corporate values to meet business and development challenges in an increasingly interdependent world
•  enabling businesses to become proactive members of the communities in which they operate
  •  bringing together new partnerships with new ways of thinking about relationships and opportunities
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