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Projects & Clients
  BP    BBC    Bechtel    Chevron    Coca-Cola    CONSTANTA       CARE International   DFID   European Commission   Guinness    New Deal for Communities    NHS   IBM Europe    PWC   PlaNet Finance    Shell    Unilever   United Nations    USAID

Our people have worked globally with multi-national corporations, communities, NGOs and governments…
Team leadership for election observation missions for an international organisation in eastern Europe 
Needs analysis and developed learning methodology for an NGO association in Ghana for a training program for microfinance institutions, including an innovative mentoring scheme
Strategy workshops for a new senior management team of a multinational corporation in SE Europe to engage with strategic issues incorporating regional instability
Board level governance and leadership training for a major NGO in the Republic of Georgia designed to expand their vision of what could be achieved in their market
Development of interactive multimedia and face-to-face safety training for personnel on North Sea oil rigs for a Multi-National Oil and Gas Corporation in Norway
Leadership engagement programme for a multinational corporation in Germany to unite former East and West regional businesses behind a united corporate vision
Train the Trainer methodology and training materials development in India, China and a Polish centre serving E and Central Europe
Consultancy for the capacity building of Voluntary and Community Sector organisations in the areas of Social Enterprise, Supplementary Education and training in London
Developed the management and sustainability of the 5 main RAMSAR conservation sites in Ghana and other conservation areas in conjunction with local communities, resulting in local fishermen, farmers and cottage industries gaining access to financing for their activities
Comprehensive engagement programme to implement culture change for major multinational throughout Latin America  involving leadership and team development, train the trainer and a cascade of experiential workshops
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